About Me

I am a city dweller seeking solitude in nature, inspiration from architecture and design, and a sense of being by connecting to cultures which opens their arms.

The obvious lack of nature in my hometown drives me to look for natural landscape over city destinations, rural towns over cosmopolitans.  Once I find an open culture, I explored the country in depth until I feel I can  articulate what that culture is, or have a clear understanding of what I like or love about the area.

Yet the city instinct in me urge me to hope to hold a Starbucks coffee in my hands as I stroll along the streets or munch into a Paris Baguette bun at breakfast. 


Sounds contradictory? Well the Gemini in me needed that balance. So far I would rate the countries in these order:

#1: Korea,  #2: UK (Not the city areas), #3: Japan, #4: Taiwan

My work commitment have previously limited me to certain seasons and short travel period of around 10 days, so my experience is missing in some areas/seasons.   I am sure there are others who may face the same situation, and I hope they will have some takeaways from what I an provide in this site.


Updated August 2017