Oryukdo Islands (부산 오륙도)

Oryukdo Island is off the southern coast of Busan, and depending on the day and the tide, may appear to be five islands or six islands, hence its name ('o' meaning five and 'yuk' meaning six in Korean). Designated a monument of Busan, Oryukdo Island is a rock island that can be said to be made purely of stones. All of the five islands, except the one with the lighthouse, are uninhabited. Orukdo Island is composed of Usakdo Island, Surido Island, Gonggotdo Island, Guldo Island and Deungdaedo (Lighthouse) Island, but because the upper part of Usakdo divides into two segments, the island is sometimes known as Bangpaedo Island and Sol Island as well, depending on the level of the water. Because many ships coming to Busan Port pass by Oryukdo Island, it serves as a symbol of Busan's cultural heritage as well.

Oryukdo Islands is Korea's National Cultural Heritage Scenic Spots No.24

Reference: Visitkorea website

1. Getting There

Oryukdo Islands is a little out of the way compared to other attractions. A trip to Oryukdo Islands will take more than an hour and your stay at Oryukdo should take around 2 hours. For this reason, I have put off going to Oryukdo Islands until my third trip, when I found the Busan Jumbo Bus, which can get me to coastal sightseeing areas in Busan, including Oryukdo Islands and ending off at Jagalchi Market in the evening.

By City Tour Bus: If you are all for sightseeing and markets in Busan, I highly recommend the Busan Jumbo Bus, which would get you to many of these places as well as Oryukdo Island. You can board at Busan station or any of the locations in the map below.

You can click on the link in the course route image above to access the bus schedule by location.

I have added a picture of the bus schedule below- the brochure is given out with a pamphlet when you purchase the ticket. The venues in the schedule are indicated in Korean, but you can infer it with the course route image indicated above:

A day ticket costs 20000KW, which is reasonable as long as you go to 2 or more destinations. Do note that as with any city transport, it can be affected by traffic jams during peak hours. So you may wish to take this into consideration when planning your routes.

2. Area Map

Key location: Oryukdo Skywalk, Oryukdo Islands

There isn't much of a map to talk about, since the area is quite small. I found a map after my trip, which showed the location of the skywalk in relation to the bus stop. It is the same bus stop for boarding and alighting the Busan Jumbo Bus. Do note that the "START TRAIL HERE" refers to another park trail. Most visitors would alight at the blue man icon ("SK VIEW" in the image below) and be immediately drawn towards the skywalk and islands (along the blue line). The attraction and the islands are on the side of the Skywalk. You can't miss it.

If you are wondering what the fuss is about or a place so small, I hope the pictures below does justice to the beauty of the place. If visitors can spend about 2 hours in an area within 1 km in radius, it speaks volume of the beauty that it holds.

3. Moving Around

Observatory: You need to wear "shoe gloves". Unfortunately, I went on a weekend and the skywalk was really crowded. I didn't get a good picture.

4. Meal Options

There is no food option at the Oryukdo Islands. The area is basically a residential area.

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