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Korea is one of the countries which offers a lot of incentives for visitors, and I am not just talking about shopping discount coupons. In the past, I have collected 50000 won cash cards, free phones usage at Incheon airport- all it need is quick check at some major websites.

Latest Events and recommendations

In conjunction with PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Korea has launched a series of promotional events for tourists.

1. One card for (almost) everything!

As recommended under the blog on transportation, T-money card is a convenient way to travel and make small purchases at convenience stores.

KTO has launched a tourist version card, which also offers discounts at participating outlets. Click on Image to access the official site, or watch the video below for a quick preview.

2. Luggage Free Travel!

If you like to do free and easy, you will soon realize that your luggage and check in/check out time of your accommodations puts restrictions on your itinerary. Usually, i need to ensure I get to the hotel first to deposit my luggage, so i I am traveling between cities, this means, I do not have the option to stop by attractions in between, as there is no way I can take care of my luggage and explore the attractions a the same time. Hands free makes this option a reality, so that you can save many days on your itinerary and allow you to optimize your travel experience. (It really helps when you are aging and aching!)

Click on Image to access the official site, or watch the video below for a quick preview.

3. Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are not only for shopping. You can get very good discounts on admission fees and island wide cafes and even hotels.

Most websites require you to print out the discount vouchers. If, however you have access to data plans on your mobile, there are apps which stores the coupons (and barcodes), which you can show to staff at the discount stores or destinations.

Here is a list of the latest websites you should download or check out before you leave for Korea. (Correct at October 2017). The websites will usually tell you which App you should download for a better experience. Bookmark the parent site for regular updates.

Discount on Alive Museum and ice museum with AR experience

Discount coupons for Gyeonggi-do travel needs (Includes many areas accessible by Seoul subway.

Unlimited Korail travel at fixed price, based on days of travel.

Discount on use of service from Incheon airport, and get a free Airport Express ride ( worth W8000). This is one of the companies offering hands free luggage services.

Coupon book for unique experiences such as yacht stay, canoe tour, cooking classes, up and close with dolphin.

Discount coupons for travel needs and attractions in Seoul (Seoulpass) and nationwide (Voucher Korea).

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